Replace maven with a shell script

One of the things I find myself trying to instill in a lot of our developers these days is that a little pragmatism can often go a long way.

By popular demand (really!), here’s my trivial shell script that pretends to be maven. For smallish projects and small sizes of your local maven repository, it is orders of magnitude faster than doing an actual maving run, and it has many other advantages over the “real” maven.

Of course, I don’t actually use this script (much). Lately I’ve been using Ant 1.7 with Ivy. Oh, And mod_perl‘s Apache::Test for TripleSoup.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

artifactId=`xmllint --noblanks project.xml |

        egrep -o '<id>[^>]+<\/id>' |

        sed -e 's/<id>//' -e 's/<\/id>//'`

groupId=`xmllint --noblanks project.xml |

        egrep -o '<groupId>[^>]+<\/groupId>' |

        sed -e 's/<groupId>//' -e 's/<\/groupId>//'`

currentVersion=`xmllint --noblanks project.xml |

        egrep -o '<currentVersion>[^>]+<\/currentVersion>' |

        sed -e 's/<currentVersion>//' -e 's/<\/currentVersion>//'`

shortDescription=`xmllint --noblanks project.xml |

        egrep -o '<shortDescription>[^>]+<\/shortDescription>' |

        sed -e 's/<shortDecription>//' \

            -e 's/<\/shortDescription>//'`

package=`xmllint --noblanks project.xml |

        egrep -o '<package>[^>]+<\/package>' |

        sed -e 's/<package>//' \

            -e 's/<\/package>//'`

organization=`xmllint --noblanks project.xml |

        grep -A5 '<organization>' |

        egrep -o '<name>[^>]+<\/name>' |

        sed -e 's/<name>//' \

            -e 's/<\/name>//'`for jar in `find $HOME/.maven/repository -name "*.jar"`; do





echo Building $artifactId-$currentVersion.jar...

rm -Rf target

mkdir -p target/classes

mkdir -p target/test-classes

cd src/java

javac -nowarn -Xlint:-deprecation -source 1.4 -target 1.4 \

        -d ../../target/classes \

        `find . -name '*.java'`

for dir in `find . -type d -not -path '*svn*'`; do

    mkdir -p ../../target/classes/$dir


cp -r `find . -type f -not -name '*.java' -not -path '*svn*'` \


cd ../..

mkdir -p target/classes/META-INF

cp -f LICENSE* NOTICE* target/classes/META-INF 2>/dev/null

cat > target/classes/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF <<MFEND

Manifest-Version: 1.0

Created-By: Apache Maven Simulator 1.0

Extension-Name: $artifactId

Specification-Title: $shortDescription

Specification-Vendor: $organization

Specification-Version: $currentVersion

Implementation-Vendor: $organization

Implementation-Title: $package

Implementation-Version: $currentVersion


cd target/classes

jar cf ../$artifactId-$currentVersion.jar *

cd ../..

echo Installing $artifactId-$currentVersion.jar...

mkdir -p $HOME/.maven/repository/$groupId/jars

cp target/$artifactId-$currentVersion.jar \


echo done