Leo is…

I have always been jealous of Sam for having an idea of what Ruby is. No more.

Leo is…:

  • A general data management environment. Leo shows user-created relationships among any kind of data: computer programs, web sites, etc.
  • An outlining editor for programmers. Leo embeds the noweb and CWEB markup languages in an outline context.
  • A flexible browser for projects, programs, classes or any other data.
  • A project manager. Leo provides multiple views of a project within a single outline. Leo naturally represents tasks that remain up-to-date.
  • Portable. Leo runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
  • 100% pure Python. Leo uses Tk/tcl to draw the screen.
  • Fully scriptable using Python. Leo’s outline files are XML format.
  • Open Software, distributed under the Python License.

Leo is certainly a lot like me. Deals with lots of data and their interconnections, very flexible, heavily focussed on python, heavily focussed on people, open source, pretty smart, and a lot of fun to play with.

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