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Joost has a large library of video clips. For a while Joost was my primary source of music during the day, but I tend to use quite a bit these days, and now I only turn Joost on when I don’t mind being distracted by Nelly Furtado‘s belly button.

The feature I like most is the music profile sharing. I’ve learned about so much cool new music just by looking at what my friends and colleagues listen to. Fortunately, Joost is now growing some social networking features of its own – these days if you click on a video on our website, we can send a notification to your facebook feed. I wonder what will happen now that everyone on facebook will know that I actually enjoy watching Rihanna and Fergie

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  1. Hey if you’re looking for other places for free music you really *need* to look at, they have a larger selection than either or and they’re still free (and no 3 play limit!)
    imeem is kinda like youtube for mp3’s so people upload their favourite bands and everyone can listen. they also have a facebook app which lets you put music on your facebook pages, rather than just the plain urls that provides.
    needless to say, I’m a fan

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