Can I connect my console to my apple cinema display?


XBOX 360 and PS3 both supply a HDMI signal.

Apple’s cinema displays only accept a digital DVI signal.

There is no way to convert the HDMI signal from xbox into a DVI signal.

One company (forget which one) sold a special HDMI-to-DVI converter box for a bit, but they’re no longer selling it and aren’t intending to start selling something like it again.

If you’re buying a LCD computer display, buy one that has a HDMI input, or at least composite or VGA.

(figured I’d put this out here since it’s the 2nd time someone asked me, and I remember being really frustrated when I couldn’t get it to work)

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  1. No I am not completely sure. I do know that the dvi-to-hdmi connector that I bought didn’t work. But, I couldn’t find a detailed HDMI spec, so this is based on the material I did find, and other reports found across the web.

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