…and then there was flash

With Flash Live, we’re all hoping joost is One Step Closer to where it needs to be. As mentioned in some of the press today, we’ve been working pretty hard to turn things around over the last few months, and its nice to see our hard work finally out there.

Unlike two years ago, we now have lots and lots of competition. If you believe the US press, we have little hope of staying relevant. I take some comfort in seeing that hulu still doesn’t seem to have figured out how to get or manage international rights (or how to do internationalization for that matter).

A lot of our internal content management systems, databases, and business processes are that much more complicated because we have (and always have had) pretty solid support for doing things
globally. I’m thinking it just might be easier to get to feature parity on our website than it is to re-do a theplatform.com integration for a global rights management setup.

Videos available in The Netherlands
Joost over 30000
Hulu 0

In the end it is all about getting great content to lots of users. And there are lots and lots and lots of users outside of the US.

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