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I bought a macbook. I like it, mostly. Downside – it has a mini display port. That requires buying expensive adapters. In particular, the adapter to go from mini display port to dual-link DVI is a whopping $99, and even worse it gets a lot of bad reviews.

I bought one anyway (what else was I going to do?), and its working fine. I submitted a review to the apple store, to help out other consumers. I’m now staring at this message: “Your review is being reviewed and will be available within the next 3 business days”.

Eek! Do you trust apple to review only for profanity, and otherwise simply publish everything unedited? I know I don’t; more importantly I shouldn’t have to. I’m certainly not going to submit a review again. For your reference, here’s the amazon product page for the adapter.

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  1. You’re so right, shit man. In these times, why would you want to review text that anybody can post about your product?? Why in hell would you want that? Just look at for example YouTube comments, they are all so wise and thoughtfull.. You can really trust people not going to post crap!

    And hey, although you say it has a lot of bad reviews already, you’re still eeked out that they will review your crap as well, and that is sooo understandable.

    How about commercials? Ever wondered why products always seem to be better in the fictional world of commercials, because the companies behind the product add a little marketing boost? I guess thats far less worse than reviewing incoming crap.. Right? I supose your not even reviewing this?

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