New year, new job

I’m still at the BBC, but instead of dealing with doing dynamic web applications at scale, I’m going back to this other thing I really like doing: digital media. I’ve joined the Digital Media Initiative, which is all about changing the BBC’s TV production workflow to be more digital.

DMI is a huge, huge undertaking that has already been ongoing for a few years. I’ve joined a small team of architects who have joint responsibility for the architecture of the whole system. It’s great to be back to working with and thinking about video all day every day. I get to peek into TV studios, talk to TV producers, mess about with MXF and AAF and mind-boggingly messy data models.

Even if perhaps there’s not as many requests per second flowing around DMI as there are to be found heading for the BBC website, the scaling things theme in my work is still firmly there – we are planning to archive petabyte upon petabyte of 100mbit video on digital tape, to have 100s if not 1000s of professionals depending on the system for their daily workflow, etc etc.

Unfortunately DMI cannot currently be quite as open in its outward-facing communication as the web platform side of FM&T tends to be, so my blog is probably going to go rather quiet for a while. Don’t worry, I’m not dead, I’m just having fun elsewhere 🙂