Bye bye, London!

My last project at the BBC is finished, as is the related contract. My worldly possessions are in boxes and being shipped. The lease on my London flat has ended. A goodbye party (how unlike me!) was had. I’m now at my parents, sleeping, reading, playing with the dogs, resting.

I don’t think I’ll miss London very much (too big and busy, too expensive, takes too long to get out of), but I will definitely miss all the people a lot. Those I worked with and those I partied with, but especially those I just plain hung out with. I think my fondest memories will be of having a beer in the park on a sunny afternoon, or having fancy lunch at a notting hill restaurant, or strolling along south bank amidst the tourists.

What’s next? I have my sights set on Amsterdam, to work and maybe to live. I’m looking at buying a car which I’ve actually never done before. I’m also looking for interesting work. Talking to a few interesting folks already, it seems like Amsterdam is filled with startups these days 🙂