Updating my web presence

I made my first website on Geocities. I started my first blog when they were still called journals. I was working on social networking software before it was called that. It meant I was on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms long before most ‘normal’ people.

After being early to join the social web I was also early to leave, for the usual reasons (offline life is more fun than online life!). I hadn’t touched this blog in about 8 years, and have barely posted on Twitter for 10 years. When facebook introduced banner images, I used it to inform my facebook friends I was not actually logging in to facebook. If you wanted to reach me, you could choose only from phone, SMS, E-mail and (reluctantly) WhatsApp.

But I’m no longer so worried about internet addiction or getting misunderstood about my defenses against it. In 2020 it seems it has become normal to use social networking not at all or only in moderation, and many communities seem to (once again) welcome casual and intermittent participation. I might, just might, stop lurking around and try again to contribute something useful in the public sphere.

As a first step, I’ve cleaned up my websites and am making some hobby software projects public over on GitHub.

Image of my dipping my toes into the watter on a beach