How to dive into online social media marketing

  1. Familiarize yourself with social media:
    Get a blog,
    Get on twitter,
    Get on facebook,
    look at what your competitors are doing,
    engage in conversations online,
    read the cluetrain manifesto
  2. Decide that you want to do it:
    Social media strategy advice directed at consumer companies

    1. participation
    2. integration
    3. syndication
  3. Decide what you want:
    What do you hope to accomplish?
    Who will execute on your social media strategy?
    How will they do that? What do they need?
  4. Get started with free tools:
    Define a blog policy,
    encourage employees to blog,
    Start a company blog, link to employee blogs
    Start a company twitter account, follow your customers
    Start a company facebook group, befriend your customers
  5. If you want to customize your existing website, consider buying a vendor solution:
    Forrester analysis of social networking platforms, with process explained

    1. “forrester wave” defined
    2. primary analyst talking about analysis
    3. start of analysis
    4. aside: criticism of SaaS
    5. aside: SaaS a way to circumvent IT
    6. conclusion:
      go with KickApps or Pluck
    7. register to download forrest report PDF
    8. list of white label social networking platforms
  6. Let me know how it works out!